Paskal Lamour

We like to show our top notch candidates appreciation as much as possible. In doing so we turn to Paskal and Lamour to help?give our thanks.

The brainchild behind Paskal Lamour shirts came from none other than its namesake Mr. Paskal Lamour, who after arriving in New York from Paris couldn?t find a shirt that fit his slimmer frame well. Looking for business attire that would take him from day to night seemed impossible in the city that has everything. ?Shirts were either too square, expensive, cheap feeling, or very boring and common,? says well-dressed Lamour. With the help of his partner Lindsay McGinn, a marketing professional, and close designer friend Laura Chenoweth, who is the brand?s creative visionary, a prototype line was born.

Paskal Lamour designs and distributes a hard-to-find well-fitting men?s shirt. Crafted with impeccable quality, and featuring signature details, each style is a statement piece. Constructed from 100% luxurious Egyptian cotton, the exquisite craftsmanship, colors and patterns are unmatched, especially for the price. Every one of our shirts embodies manly sophistication at its highest, from look to feel.

Having recently launched their Fall 2011 collection, lead creator Laura Chenoweth enthusiastically believes the new designs will be a big hit and that each style stays true to being the ultimate statement piece. ?The number one comment we receive from our clients is how many compliments they get when wearing their Paskal Lamour shirt. I?m really looking forward to this collection garnering even more buzz, and certainly more attention to any guy sporting one?, says Chenoweth.

Our mission is to never compromise on quality, so in order to keep our costs low and pass the savings onto the consumer, we?re focused on developing an easy online shopping experience that will save you time and get your purchase to you quickly. We offer free shipping and a full refund if customers are not absolutely satisfied with their purchase.

Paskal Lamour is currently carried at exclusive boutiques across the North East and in California. Expect to see the brand available in many more locations soon. In 2012 look for Paskal Lamour ready-to-wear designs at Menswear Trade Shows across the US and Europe.

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