7 Must-Ask Questions for Your Next Job Interview

When looking for a new position, most of us spend time working on our answers for the typical questions we expect the potential employer to ask.? We most likely also do research on the company to sound more knowledgeable about their particular industry.? While these items are very important, many times we fail to prepare for the questions we should ask the potential employer.? Here are 7 must-ask questions for your next job interview:

  1. Why is this position open? Knowing why a position is open can help you decide if you would be a good fit for this position.?? For example, if it?s a new position, there could be some insecurity in the position.? Or, if the person you are replacing was let go, you may not receive the warmest welcome from his or her co-workers.? Knowing these up front, can help you with your decision process or, at the very least, help you be prepared for possible issues.
  2. Please describe a typical day. The answer to this question should help you understand expectations of your performance, including meetings, reports, etc.?? It may also shed some light on how productive your day can be and whether there is a lot of overtime involved.
  3. Why do you like working at this company? The answer to this question will help you determine the company culture.
  4. In your opinion, what are the most important skills and/or qualities needed to be successful? Being the right fit for the position is one of the most important factors that can lead to a long-term employment.? For instance, if an important skill is multi-tasking but you prefer to concentrate on one project at a time, this might not be a good fit.
  5. In career progression, what would be the next step in the career path? This question not only indicates that you are looking for a long-term position, but their answer will also help you understand if there opportunities for growth.
  6. What is the on-boarding? process? Receiving the proper training and on-boarding can be the difference between a successful? career move and a regrettable one.??
  7. After meeting with me, do you feel I would be a good candidate for your company? This is your ?closing? question.? Remember, in an interview you are selling yourself, so their response to this question can be a vital clue as to whether this position is a possibility.? Yes, they might even say, ?No? or ?not sure? but it?s far better to know that going out the door, rather than being hopeful that you will be seriously considered for this position.

Objectively evaluating the answers to these 7 questions, is paramount to finding that perfect job! ?Check out our current openings. ?If you or someone you know fits the qualifications, please contact us.



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